Here are a few reasons to start recycling today with our valet trash and recycling service!

1. Recycling saves trees.

Half of the Earth's forests are gone, and up to 95% of the original forest area in the U.S. has been cut down.

2. Recycling protects wildlife habitat and biodiversity.

Using recycled materials reduces the need to extract natural resources such as timber, crude petroleum, and mineral ores.

3. Recycling reduces the use of toxic chemicals.

Making products from already refined waste materials reduces—and often avoids altogether—the need for manufacturers to use toxic chemicals.

4. Recycling helps curb global warming.

Recycling one ton of glass results in energy savings of more than 300% and lowers carbon dioxide emissions by 3.46 tons.

5. Recycling reduces water pollution.

Turning trees into paper is the most water-intensive industrial process in the United States. Paper recycling mills nearly always use less water and they don't pollute the water nearly as much.

6. Recycling reduces the need for landfills.

Toxic pollution from landfills—including cyanide, dioxins, mercury, methane, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and lead—escapes into the air and leaches into groundwater.

7. Recycling reduces the need for incinerators.

Municipal waste incinerators spew out all kinds of air pollutants and are often located in urban neighborhoods.

8. Recycling creates jobs and promotes economic development.

The Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission found that recycling added about $18.5 billion in value to the economies of 12 Southern states and Puerto Rico in 1995.

Recycle NOW LBS of Recycling

2,000 lbs = 17 trees

LBS of Recycling
Trees Saved Counter

Recyclable Items List Below


Only containers with the recycling symbol for numbers 1-7

NO plastic bags, NO Styrofoam products, NO chemical containers, NO toys


Office paper (paperclips and staples are OK), window envelopes, magazines, catalogues, paper back books, phone books and brown paper bags

NO rubber bands, NO plastic wrappings, NO hard back books


Aluminum, tin, and steel containers

NO aluminum foil, No pie plates, NO parts, NO toys, NO electronics, NO appliances


Food and detergent boxes, paper egg cartons, 12-pack drink cartons, folded corrugated boxes, cereal boxes

NO waxed cardboard, NO plastic or foil lining from cereal or cracker boxes, NO pizza boxes or food contaminated boxes


Bottles and jars of any color

NO window glass, NO light bulbs, NO ceramics, NO mirrors, NO Pyrex, NO fiberglass

Will I need to separate the recyclable items?

No. All of your recyclables may go together into your blue bag. Simply put the items in your blue bag and leave it outside your doorstep at the designated time to be picked up by your Recycle NOW Collection Specialist.

What types of materials will be collected for recycling?

Most items that we throw away can be recycled. We can collect these four items: PLASTIC, METAL, PAPER, and CARDBOARD. We offer single stream recycling which means all of the following items may be placed (without sorting) in your blue bag.

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