Different from the Rest

Recycle NOW is the company that management companies turn to when they discover that their current provider is not what they promised. More than one property manager has come to us asking to take over their valet trash service after finding out their current valet trash provider was collecting their nightly recycling only to throw it away! In other cases, providers have failed to properly implement a recycling program even after it was promised. Recycle NOW is different. We were founded as a recycling company and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the implementation and continuity of your collection service.

The table below highlights the differences between us and our main competitors.

See how we stack up against the competition:

Managers Say It Best

Below is an e-mail transcript of one of our clients recommending our doorstep recycling and trash services to another manager. We’ll let it tell the story.

I am the manager here at Dry Creek Ranch in North Fort Worth. I manage two phases. The second phase (completed in 2015) we handed to Recycle NOW, while a major national provider continued services on my phase one. Our contract with this provider ends in July. I have been so pleased with Recycle NOW, that I have given this company notice and am very excited to utilize Recycle NOW services on 100% of my property. Not only does Recycle NOW save us a lot of money, but their customer service exceeds that of our other provider. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.”

Stacy Fairve, Manager – Dry Creek Ranch

Did You Know

Recycle NOW are experts in your municipality’s recycling regulations. Our valet trash and recycling collection service will make sure your property is compliant with those regulations and we’ll assist you as they are updated. Contact us today for a quote!

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