Dallas: Valet Trash and Recycling Collection

Who We Are:

Recycle NOW is a professionally managed provider of valet trash and recycling service. Based in Dallas, we leverage an exceptional work ethic and the latest technology to bring our clients the best combination of customer service, product, and pricing for valet trash and recycling.

Our Service:

Recycle NOW can save your community space and the cost of an extra haul by providing the option to recycle without adding dumpsters to your property. We also use a GPS service to monitor pick up times, guaranteeing reliable and timely pickup, and provide instant access to time-stamped photos of resident violations on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. These features combine to make overseeing your program considerable less time consuming, and help ensure that your hallways stay neat and clean.

Recycle NOW offers doorstep trash and recycling service up to seven nights a week as well as offering curbside pickup, junk removal, and a recycling only program. All serviced units are provided with separate, leak, proof containers for trash and recycling as well as free recycling bags that we leave at the resident’s door each time we collect.

As a company we are passionate about recycling, and will provide educational materials for your residents, and work with your leasing staff to sponsor a resident appreciation party where we provide free food, drink, and information about how and what to recycle at your property.

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Call us today at # 469-209-5430, or e-mail us at info@recyclenowtexas.com to get a free quote and a list of our references!

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