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In our most recent client survey where property managers ranked how likely they would be to recommend our service to another property manager our average score was a 9/10!

Property Managers Say It Best

“I utilized Recycle NOW on my new phase two over a national service provider. I am so please with them that I have given this national service provider notice and am very excited to utilize Recycle NOW on 100% of my property. Not only do we save money with Recycle NOW, but their service exceeds that of our other provider. If you have any questions, just ask!”

Stacy F. – Property Manager

“As a manager of six years in the industry this is the best doorstep trash company I have ever used. I would recommend them 10 out of 10 times!”

Lexi C. – Property Manager

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Collection Available Every Night

Our service guarantee for your valet trash service:

Collect from every door every night

W-2 workers with safety vests

Tote bags and collection carts used always

Resident violations reported nightly

Compactor areas always left clean and tidy

Service available seven nights a week!

While Sunday thru Thursday is the most common schedule Recycle NOW provides service anywhere from a single night up to seven nights a week

Service For Your Residents is as easy as 1-2-3!

Set Items Out
Step 1

Set Items Out

Bag and tie all waste -including loose items and pizza boxes.

Break down all cardboard boxes and bag any packaging

Refrain from setting out items that are over 50 pounds or larger than the container

Double bag any pet waste or liquid items to help prevent stains

Items Collected
Step 2

Items Collected

Place items for collection inside the provided container

Doorstep Collection begins after 8:00 pm

Return to Unit
Step 3

Return to Unit

Please return your container to your unit no later than 9:00 am the next morning

Doorstep Recycling Program

Doorstep Recycling Program

This service is great for communities that do not have room for adding a recycling dumpster onsite but would still like to offer recycling as a resident amenity.

Pickup is once a week on a scheduled weekday.

No recycling dumpsters required onsite.

Recyclables go from directly from resident’s doorstep to off-site recycling drop off.

Can be paired with nightly doorstep trash service or implemented on its own.

Residents receive complimentary recycling bags, educational materials, and a free recycling container.

Need Curbside Pickup? We can provide a quote for that as well!

Request Service

Recycle NOW would be delighted to provide a quote for service or answer any questions you have about our service.

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